Started in 2007 as a trading company by Canadian, Suzan Badgley, Swallow House Trading aims to connect knowledge, compassion and assistance to sustainability community projects by providing Fair-trade products produced in SE Asia to like-minded individuals. With 47 years of travelling experience, CEO Suzan is able to provide product trend sales awareness to best suit today’s travellers.

Fair Trade Aspects Found With Swallow House Trading:

  • ENCOURAGE manufacturing use of locally produced, recycled, organic or sustainable properties product material
  • PROVIDE Fair-trade products to global buyers who support humanitarian projects
  • PROMOTE education sponsorship in the local schools and community centre
  • BRING awareness and action to reduce plastic wastes in the oceans
  • SUPPORT traditional organic practices
  • ASSIST economic development for small manufacturers and challenged individuals selling local crafts
  • PROVIDE marketing skills, new product development, production analysis, and local and international market trend awareness
  • CONDUCT fair trading practises with suppliers where fair prices are paid for product and profits are returned to local communities
  • DESIGN affordable Gekogear travel bags for today’s conscientious traveller