Back Pack

I love this backpack because of all the pockets. It’s light and can hold so much more than I expected.

Extremely strong and useful daypack is a favorite with our travel friends. Lite weight for day hikes, market or beach adventures. Large zippered interior pocket has room for a foam insert for back support or a mat for wet, cold surfaces. There’s even enough room in the pocket for your small Notebook computer! After use, it folds into hand-size pocket for storage or travelling.


  • Large metal zipper for bulk capacity up to 7k

  • Interior zipper pocket for foam insert

  • Small exterior zippered pocket for keys and phone

  • Open side pockets for water bottle or maps

  • Padded adjustable straps and carrying handle

  • Inside stuff pocket with draw string

  • Double stitching and reinforced seams

Size: 32cm x 12cm x 42cm


Clothes Cube-SM

A perfect addition for your international carry-on luggage. Half the size of the LARGE Clothing Cube, it’s perfect for undergarments and pajamas, or, swimming suit and towel, or, a pair of sandals or shoes. Pack up into attached storage pocket to be kept handy for all your guesthouse or hotel visits. No more ants in your pants!!

Size: 28 x 15 x 8cm


Clothes Cube-LG

For compact & organised travelling. Fits exactly in regular carry-on suitcase so clothes stay nice and snug and not shift around in transit. Bright silky material looks great on your guesthouse table when no drawers are available. Soft & breathable material keeps your clothing fresh and clean. AND keeps the bugs out!!


  • Quality zipper surrounds half the bag making easy access or insertion of folded clothes

  • Handle helps to easily open flap to sort clothes or hang it on a wall hook

  • Inside packing pocket can also be used for small clothing items or jewelry

  • Airport security can search inside luggage leaving clothes nicely packed

Size: 35 x 28 x 8cm

Capacity: 4-5 Men’s dress shirts or 2 dresses, 2 capris, 4 summer shirts, a bathing suit and cover-up, and a small microfiber-towel.


Duffel Bag

Weighs nothing, holds a lot! Use as carry-on baggage and stuff it full of last minute gifts, heavy electronic items, and change of clothing for your next destination. 15k no problem! Packs up in attached storage pocket handy for all your travels.


  • Large 50cm top quality zipper

  • 2 side pockets 18 x 18cm each for your on-board reading material or water bottle

  • Double stitching and reinforced seams for long-lasting durability

Size: 20 x 30 x 45cm


Beach Blanket

Camping Mat, Beach Blanket or Sleep Sheet, this multi-purpose durable, breathable, and partly recycled 100% Parachute Nylon sheet is a must for your outdoor needs. Quick to wash and dry so you can use it on the beach during the day or in your hammock at night!


  • Comes in two colour combinations

  • Please contact for colour selections

Size: 195cm x 195cm*

* Smaller sizes available on request


Shoulder Pouch

Safely carry all your travel documents such as your passport, visas and plane tickets in multi-sized zippered pockets Plenty of room for your camera, hand-phone and wallet AND small notebook and pen. Room for an extra pen to give to a young school child!


  • 5 metal zippered pockets

  • 2 Velcro pockets to keep items safe and secure

  • Black silky lining

  • Adjustable strap max. 125cm

  • Double slot pen holder

  • Adjustable strap max. 140cm

Size: 20cm x 15cm x 7cm


Shoulder Purse

Partly recycled 100% Parachute Nylon, heavy duty, lite weight, TRAVELITE SHOULDER PURSE is ideal for your travel needs. Plenty of zippered pockets to safely store your items for your day trips or airline on-board reading material and iPad or 7” Note.


  • 3 heavy metal zippers

  • 1 inside hide-away pocket with nylon zipper

  • 1 open easy access pocket

  • Black silky lining

  • 1 side Hand-phone Velcro pocket

  • Adjustable strap max. 140cm

Size: 20cm x 30cm x 12cm


Sleep Sheet

Quick wash and dry, soft lite weight Geko Gear Sleep Sheets are an excellent travel gear accessory for warm weather comfort or sleeping bag liner in cooler zones. Have it handy for plane, bus and train travel or budget hotel stays. Packs up into small storage pocket to make sleep-overs a little more comfortable wherever you go.

Proceeds fund action for environmental education and village sustainablity to small rurral communities in Bali Indonesia.


  • Side opening for easy access

  • Double stitching and reinforced seams for long-lasting durability

Size: 75cm x 215cm


Utility Bag

A multi-functional light weight colourful bag can be used to sort your toiletries, school supplies, or electronic cords and battery packs. Ample room in the two large side pockets to hold your makeup items or a portable music player.


Quality 32cm zipper

  • 2 large zippered side pockets for quick find tubes and brushes

  • 2 loop handles to allow for easy grip and hanging ability

  • Double stitching and reinforced seams for long-lasting durability

  • East to hand wash and quick dry

Size: 12 x 18 x 25cm


Passport Pouch

Designed for soft and breathable comfort against the skin and carry your important travel documents close.

Use it as a small evening bag or slip it into your trouser pocket.


  • 100% partly recycled Parachute Nylon

  • 5 pockets total to secure credit cards, money, passport, phone

  • 2 Zipper pockets – 1 large enough for an Androd Samsung Note

  • 25.5″ thin and strong strap

  • Belt loop to attach to your belt or back pack strap

Size: 6.5in x 4.5in