Wholesale Ordering

We take pride in our quality hand-made products and customer care. Yes, some of our products resemble the others… but our prices are lower due to fewer middle-men, low overhead and karma visions of our management and dedicated workers.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Amounts calculated in USD. 100% due on first order; repeat orders, 50% of product cost due at time of order (suggested payment is given in US$). Balance owing at time of shipping.

SHIPPING DETAILS: Shipping agent Mr. Denny from Uber Sari Cargo provides shipping invoice and appropriate customs and duty documents. Best option with time and weight is considered. Approximate quotes available for Sea mail, DHL, or cargo (min 1 Cubic). Delivery Time is 5 days to 10 weeks depending on location and method of shipping. Inform us if you prefer another shipping agent or payment on arrival with your registered DHL or FedEx account.

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For further information contact: indocraftsgekogear